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([personal profile] omega Aug. 16th, 2009 12:41 pm)
So.. I have to speak on the Steampunk Fashion Panel at Continuum today, and I have no voice. Not a croaky, squeaky, or husky voice.. but NO voice. I try to yell, out come a whisper.

This might be a problem. I am sipping a hot ginger & honey drink to see if I can't get.. something.. just enough voice at any octave to get through this thing.

This new development in my latest round of flu is due largely to the fact that instead of being curled up in bed like a good sick little bunny.. I DJ'd the Continuum Masquerade ball last night.

It was loads of fun and my music choices went over really well, I think.. I played lots of nerdy stuff and lots of tragic 80's and was a big hit. I managed to cough up the vast majority of requests too, which is always a good feeling.

But I am paying for it today.. but when I make a commitment to do something - I do it. This was booked months ago and I just couldn't let them down, so sick or not, there I was.

Ben is being really awesome right now. He's out in the rain, rescuing a pot of vegetable plants that got knocked over in the wind. It's not every guy that would go out in wind and rain to save some plants.. but there he is.

He also shaved his beard off which makes him look super hot. Mmm.

The other wonderful man in my life is off hitting people with sticks today - Kendo championships. He made it all the way to the quarter finals in the individual comp yesterday, and came home mightily bruised. I was so proud :) Today is the team competition and I think he's going to do really well.

I've learned the bruises you get from kendo are not very different to the bruises that you get from re-enactment combat. We had an interesting exchange yesterday where Josh was showing me his bruises and I was laughing saying "Oooh! That's a good one, that's going to come up LOVELY!".. I think he was expecting worry or concern... then he remembered I am a re-enactor. LOL.

I also have a new shiny.. an embroidery sewing machine. MUCH LOVE. It's a singer and full of awesome. I have been without a working machine for far too long, but no more. Now to begin attacking my stash and getting some projects made. Can't WAIT!

I used it to embroider the edges of a jacket yesterday, it looks good. I also replaced the buttons, swapping boring black plastic ones for lovely shiny gold metal ones (from that amazing stash I bought at Camberwell Markets.

So.. I had these large, black plastic buttons. And having recently taken Melodie to see Coraline.. and both of us being fans of the books.. know what I did?

Well, I put them over my eyes and went and scared the CRAP out of Miss Melodie, of course. I put them on and said brightly "Daaaarling!!" She nearly jumped out of her chair when she saw me.. genuinely terrified.

Of course after she'd recovered she said MY TURN MY TURN!!!! And promptly put together a spoooky button-eye outfit she will most likely wear to Manifest next weekend.

Ugh, Manifest. Melodie has been excited about it for months and I dont wanna go. But - I raised her like this, so it stands to reason she'd be wanting to drag me to some geeky cosplay thing.

So, apart from the cat, who is very very unhappy at being inside when lucky ben is outside in the wind and the rain, all is well here.

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I want to see photos of all your sewing projects PLS! And Melodie's Coraline outfit :D

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Hope your stuff today went ok! I only just now saw this, way too late to help you, but for a lost voice, I've found gargling soluble aspirin damn helpful. It got me through a week of teaching when I'd pretty much lost my voice.

And hee re. the black buttons!!
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So, how good are you at making vests, specifically long enough for someone with a longer than average torso, in fabrics that will cause pain to the eyes of most people? :)

I need new vests!