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([personal profile] omega Sep. 21st, 2009 06:48 pm)
You might remember some time ago I mentioned that Melodie had won a singing competition at her school...

She's since gone on to audition for the Australian Girls Choir. Apparently anyone can get into the Choir.. they have several levels depending on singing ability etc. To get into the higher levels, you have to do a year or two in the lower levels...

... unless you're Melodie.

I've got a letter that says she has a place in their Concert troupe, if she wants it. No working up the ranks for her, she aced her audition and they want her in the "real" group straight away.

..problem is.. (and there's always a problem)... it costs close to a thousand dollars a year. That's just for the general classes - they also have interstate and international tours that cost more... I'm not really sure where I'm going to find that money from.

It's times like this I wish her father was less of a slack-ass when it it comes to chipping in.

But I'm really proud of her for getting in, and somehow, I'm going to make this happen for her.
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