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 BluAfterGlow and Steampunkerie are pleased to present Melbourne's only regular steampunk nightclub, "The Conservatory".

Join us for a night of conversation, shenanigans and revelry as we take over the neo-victorian library lounge of ABODE's first level. Dress to impress in your steampunk finery and connect with your steampunk community! Relax and socialise in the lounge area or dance the night away on our dancefloor. Enjoy our "Tesla" cocktail or other imbibements with a complimentary $8 drink card if you arrive before the midnight hour. ABODE is a kink-friendly and queer-friendly venue, so you should be too to feel comfortable at this event.

Okay.. let's talk politics for a moment.

If you don't want some politician to decide where your  preferences are going to... if you want to be sure of where your votes are going in the current election - then you need to vote below the line.

This is a really useful website - you can work out your choices, and it will print you out a reminder you can take into the ballot booth with you, so you don't stuff it up and invalidate your vote.


When I looked at this, I realised there were several political parties on there that I had never even heard of. You can't guess a parties' policies by the name of their party either.. when I actually started looking them up I was pretty surprised.

I couldn't find anywhere I could easily look them all up, so as a helpful guide, I'm going to post some links and relevant information below.. maybe it will help someone else.

To be clear - I'm not telling you who to vote for. I'm just putting together some links to make it easier for you to inform yourself. Read the policy statements, make your own decision, and make it count by voting below the line and getting it right.

These are the people running for senate in vic in alphabetical order:

Australian Democratwww.democrats.org.au/ Their major policies seem nice and clear on the front page of the site. they also have detailed policy pages on a wide range of issues here: www.democrats.org.au/policies/ 

Australian Greens:  greens.org.au/ Another one where the policies are easy to find and well laid out, have a look at what's important to you on their site here: greens.org.au/policies . What you'd expect - strong stance on climate change, environmental focus etc. 

Australian Labour Party - www.alp.org.au/ as the current encumbents you should know what this lot are on about. Their policy page is here: www.alp.org.au/agenda/

Australian Sex Partywww.sexparty.org.au/ Nice clear outline of their policies on their site here: www.sexparty.org.au/index.php/policies. Anti-internet filter, supporting equal marriage rights, want to overhaul the "Refused Classification" system.

Building Australia Partywww.buildingaustralia.org.au/ As the name suggests, this seems to be  a party based on supporting the needs and wants of the Building/construction industry. Their policies (which all seem to be around building, planning permits etc) are on their site here: www.buildingaustralia.org.au/objectives.aspx

Christian Democratic Party www.cdp.org.au/ This is the Rev. Fred Nile's Party. They don't have this year's policies ready yet, but have got 2007's up suggesting they won't significantly change, here: www.cdp.org.au/federal-policies.html . Anti gay-marriage, anti immigration, climate-change skeptics.

Citizens Electoral Council: 
 www.cecaust.com.au/main.asp Click through to their "Fighting Platform" to see what they are on about - they want to form a republic, chuck out the GST, and say "We must repeal all the recent fascist laws that have taken away the civil rights of Australians, These include anti-union, “anti-terrorism”, and “racial vilification” laws, among others" - they seem to be pro-immigration and anti-privatization. 

Democratic Labour Party
www.dlp.org.au/ - have a look at their policy page here: www.dlp.org.au/index.php. Under their family heading they say " The DLP unequivocally supports legislation that will preserve and protect marriage as the voluntary union of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others, in a commitment for life. Absolute opposition to legislative or administrative measures that undermine or degrade marriage by conferring on homosexual, lesbian or transsexual pairings any form of legal recognition of their relationships, per se, whether through "civil unions", "relationship registers" or other legal device." they also want to abolish the family court and remove "no fault" divorce.

Family First -  
you can find a policy document herehttp://www.stevefielding.com.au/issues/ and herefamilyfirst.org.au/Policies.htm. climate-change skeptics, anti gay-marriage, anti-abortion. 

"Group B" - seem to be a collection of Anarchists - Joseph Toscano has previously run campaigns encouraging people not to vote or to donkey vote . Can't find any actual policy pages for these candidates but a wiki entry on Joseph gives some clues what he's probably standing for: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Toscano

"Group U" - another loose conglomeration of independents - Stephen Mayne is running on an "anti-pokies" platform according to his wikipedia entry: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Mayne

Liberal/The Nationals
 www.liberal.org.au/ As one of the major parties you'd have to be living under a rock to be unaware of their major policy platforms, but here's the link to the PDFs if you want a closer look: www.liberal.org.au/Policies.aspx

One Nationonenation.com.au/ Their policy documents are here: onenation.com.au/obj.pdf . They want to end immigration until unemployment drops, keep marriage the way it is and "preserve the (white, Christian)  Australian way of life". 

Senator Online senatoronline.org.au/ This lot are saying if you vote them in - they will use technology to "bring true democracy to the senate" - looks like they will run a poll online for each bill and then vote according to the majority decision on that poll. 

Shooters and Fishers Party: www.shootersandfishers.org.au/ No points for guessing what their major policy platforms are, in this case you CAN judge the political party's policies by their name. Read all about it on their site here: www.shootersandfishers.org.au/policies/ in addition to the obvious stuff about guns and fishing, they are also calling for an immediate moratorium on ALL immigration into Australia until a "full audit of our natural resources" can occur.

Socialist Equity Party: -
yep, as the name suggests they seem to actually be Socialists. Their policies include creating a public works program to provide 100% employment and the dissolution of our "capitalist system":  http://www.sep.org.au/website/statement

Socialist Alliance Partywww.socialist-alliance.org/ Seem to be  more moderate in their policies  than the "Socialist Equity Party" but still definitely left wing/socialist in their bent. PDFs of their policies on various subjects are here: www.socialist-alliance.org/page.php

The Carer's Alliance www.carers.org.au/ As their name suggests their policy platform is around securing rights for those caring for people with disabilities. Their policy page is here: www.carers.org.au/policies/

The Climate Skeptics partylandshape.org/news/ - Their policies aren't very clearly laid out but there's a lot of Greens-bashing. Probably safe to assume whatever the Australian Greens policy is, this lot is taking an opposing stance on it. 

The Liberal Democrats www.ldp.org.au/ Their policy page took some digging to find, but it's here: www.ldp.org.au/index.php They want to "deregulate and privatize" government services, they want to cut tax, enforce "free trade" and change the welfare system. 

The Secular Party of Australia
 www.secular.org.au/ Their major policy is "Freedom of religion, and Freedom from religion". Their policy page is here:http://www.secular.org.au/about-us/aims . They want a separation of church & state, no more tax breaks for religions - they are anti-censorship and pro gay-marriage. 

A full list of everyone running for office everywhere in the 2010 election is on wikipedia here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candidates_of_the_Australian_federal_election,_2010
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( Apr. 13th, 2010 09:50 am)
 Hmm, I think this can only be summed up thus:

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( Jan. 14th, 2010 11:18 pm)
Brand spanking new in the Steampunkerie Etsy and MadeIt stores - Steampunk Soaps!

The soap is available in the four types described herein (image heavy) )
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( Oct. 13th, 2009 11:20 am)
So, you know how I said I was in a short film on the weekend?

Well here it is:

It's a homage to ([livejournal.com profile] syndicated ) Neil Gaiman's "The graveyard book", where they talk about a dance where the dead come out of the graveyard for a day to dance with the living..

It was fun, but exhausting to make, Melodie really enjoyed being the star of the show! :)

There's a picture and some more info about the project here: http://www.wildparticle.com/

"Get Your Hands Off My Brother"
Nicole Blackman

(for Bobby)

Get your hands off my brother
I don't care if his name is Stephen or Daniel
or James or Billy or even if I don't know his name at all.
They are all my brothers and you have no right
no right at all, to attack any one of them.

What is it about love that makes you so scared and angry?
You fear what you don't understand
but how could a gay man earn such a beating?
You think you are mighty because
you are 18, ineloquent and full of rage
standing over a man with blood pouring from his nose.
Where in the world did you get the idea
that murdering a man will make your life any better?

These men are all my brothers because
they were the ones who came
to pick me up from a phone booth
after I got thrown out of a car.

They rubbed my shoulders in taxis when I was tired
and bought me a drink when I didn't have the money.
They went with me to Audrey Hepburn films
and taught me the meaning of words like 'fierce' and 'worthy.'
They made me understand that life should be about
things that are wonderful, things that are beautiful.

These are the men with whom I have the most in common
and they taught me more than Cosmo ever did.

They drank cup after cup of tea with me
when I was unraveling and reeling from being dumped for no reason.

They taught me that love is love
and who should be the one to judge?

We used to say that if I was a gay man
or they were straight
that we would be lovers.
But in many ways,
they have been more loving to me
than the men I loved.

When my courage failed
they showed me the power
of a good Billie Holiday tune.
They told me to do what I believed in,
that a glass of wine can fix almost anything,
that the music you listen to
is the soundtrack to your life,
that $1.25 and a sense of style
will take you anywhere in this city.

They said Everyone is a star
and everyone shines
it just may be that yours
is a little different than mine.

They taught me that everyone wants
someone to come home to,
someone to look after,
that everyone adores a tender touch,
that everyone needs someone to hold them
and say shh when they cry,
that everyone likes to talk and laugh
and cook and watch TV and kiss.
They taught me that being a loving person
means sometimes getting your heart broken.

Whether by violence or virus
I've lost some of my guardian angels.

Patrick was killed in Boston
and I never had the chance to say thank you.
Lee died in New York
and I never had the chance to say goodbye.
Peter didn't want me to see him sick
so I didn't know until after he'd gone.
I hated him for that.
I loved him for that.

I made them promise they'd be at my wedding
and they made me promise that there would be
balloons at their funerals.
And I did because they taught me
how important promises are.

But it's not his time now
and I will not let you take him from me,
so get your hands off my brother.

(You have no right, no right in the world,
to drive through the city
breaking the wings off angels.)

He may be face down on the pavement but I'm not
and I will fight you to save his life
because every day
in so many ways
he saved mine.
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( Sep. 21st, 2009 06:48 pm)
You might remember some time ago I mentioned that Melodie had won a singing competition at her school...

She's since gone on to audition for the Australian Girls Choir. Apparently anyone can get into the Choir.. they have several levels depending on singing ability etc. To get into the higher levels, you have to do a year or two in the lower levels...

... unless you're Melodie.

I've got a letter that says she has a place in their Concert troupe, if she wants it. No working up the ranks for her, she aced her audition and they want her in the "real" group straight away.

..problem is.. (and there's always a problem)... it costs close to a thousand dollars a year. That's just for the general classes - they also have interstate and international tours that cost more... I'm not really sure where I'm going to find that money from.

It's times like this I wish her father was less of a slack-ass when it it comes to chipping in.

But I'm really proud of her for getting in, and somehow, I'm going to make this happen for her.
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( Aug. 20th, 2009 12:14 pm)
hee heeh heee.... I showed this to some people at work but they were not nerdy enough to get the joke, I know you lot will understand:

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( Aug. 17th, 2009 03:50 pm)
This is cool. Omega Sunrise!

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( Aug. 17th, 2009 03:30 pm)

  1. Go to Fake Name Generator
    The name that appears is your author name.
  2. Go to Random Word Generator
    The word listed under "Random Verb" is your title.
  3. Go to FlickrCC
    Type your title into the search box. The first photo that contains a person is your cover.
  4. Use Photoshop, Picnik, or similar to put it all together. Be sure to crop and/or zoom in.
  5. Post it to your site along with this text.
(My book would never in a million years be this pink.)
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( Aug. 16th, 2009 12:41 pm)
So.. I have to speak on the Steampunk Fashion Panel at Continuum today, and I have no voice. Not a croaky, squeaky, or husky voice.. but NO voice. I try to yell, out come a whisper.

This might be a problem. I am sipping a hot ginger & honey drink to see if I can't get.. something.. just enough voice at any octave to get through this thing.

This new development in my latest round of flu is due largely to the fact that instead of being curled up in bed like a good sick little bunny.. I DJ'd the Continuum Masquerade ball last night.

It was loads of fun and my music choices went over really well, I think.. I played lots of nerdy stuff and lots of tragic 80's and was a big hit. I managed to cough up the vast majority of requests too, which is always a good feeling.

But I am paying for it today.. but when I make a commitment to do something - I do it. This was booked months ago and I just couldn't let them down, so sick or not, there I was.

Ben is being really awesome right now. He's out in the rain, rescuing a pot of vegetable plants that got knocked over in the wind. It's not every guy that would go out in wind and rain to save some plants.. but there he is.

He also shaved his beard off which makes him look super hot. Mmm.

The other wonderful man in my life is off hitting people with sticks today - Kendo championships. He made it all the way to the quarter finals in the individual comp yesterday, and came home mightily bruised. I was so proud :) Today is the team competition and I think he's going to do really well.

I've learned the bruises you get from kendo are not very different to the bruises that you get from re-enactment combat. We had an interesting exchange yesterday where Josh was showing me his bruises and I was laughing saying "Oooh! That's a good one, that's going to come up LOVELY!".. I think he was expecting worry or concern... then he remembered I am a re-enactor. LOL.

I also have a new shiny.. an embroidery sewing machine. MUCH LOVE. It's a singer and full of awesome. I have been without a working machine for far too long, but no more. Now to begin attacking my stash and getting some projects made. Can't WAIT!

I used it to embroider the edges of a jacket yesterday, it looks good. I also replaced the buttons, swapping boring black plastic ones for lovely shiny gold metal ones (from that amazing stash I bought at Camberwell Markets.

So.. I had these large, black plastic buttons. And having recently taken Melodie to see Coraline.. and both of us being fans of the books.. know what I did?

Well, I put them over my eyes and went and scared the CRAP out of Miss Melodie, of course. I put them on and said brightly "Daaaarling!!" She nearly jumped out of her chair when she saw me.. genuinely terrified.

Of course after she'd recovered she said MY TURN MY TURN!!!! And promptly put together a spoooky button-eye outfit she will most likely wear to Manifest next weekend.

Ugh, Manifest. Melodie has been excited about it for months and I dont wanna go. But - I raised her like this, so it stands to reason she'd be wanting to drag me to some geeky cosplay thing.

So, apart from the cat, who is very very unhappy at being inside when lucky ben is outside in the wind and the rain, all is well here.
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 04:17 pm)
Hi there..

If you wanted to support an artist who could really use a hand right now... check out my dad's stuff on red bubble..


I may be a wee bit biased but I think he's talented..

He also does portraits for people, and caricatures, for ridiculously cheap, so if you're looking for a nice present for someone, you might consider it.
Yes, date and venue are now confirmed, how terribly exciting!!


Look at the gorgeous, gorgeous venue we've been able to secure...

The decor has been described as "Old Shanghai opium den meets English drawing room and makes wild passionate love. Think Chesterfields, Klimt prints, carved screens and brocade covered walls."
There's an extensive cocktail and tapas menu for your enjoyment.

Places are strictly limited, so don't tarry, pick up your ticket quick smart! Entry is $25 and this includes a complimentary cocktail or two basic spirit drinks to begin your evening.

You can purchase your ticket using this piece of whizz-bang techgenius right here:

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( May. 25th, 2009 01:25 pm)
These images make me cackle. I think they are sexy. And funny. And sexy.

My favourites are these three: )

Not to everyone's taste I am sure, but.. it'd be boring if we were all the same, right? :)
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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:57 pm)
This made me cry, so beautiful...

Neil Gaiman wrote it for Tori Amos' daughter.. it just doesn't get any cooler than that.